Pryme Concrete Construction Inc.

Pryme Concrete Construction provides commercial and industrial general contracting services throughout Saskatchewan. Based out of Langenburg, Saskatchewan, Pryme Concrete can accommodate the needs of any sized project. Working with reputable engineers, experienced project managers and an impressive team of knowledgeable employees, Pryme Concrete can provide you with the following services:

• General Contracting
• Concrete Coring
• New Concrete Foundation
• Structural and Engineered Concrete
• New and Restored Concrete
• Cutting, Excavation and Replacement of Plumbing & Electrical Trench
• Loading Docks, Dock Levelers and Ramps
• Stairs and Stair Infills
• Parkade Repairs and Restoration
• Installation of Anchors
• Bonded Topping Slabs
• Speciality Floors - High Strength and High Tolerance
• Complete Line of Underground Concrete Equipment
• Concrete Refurbishment
• Concrete Coatings
• Concrete Reinforcement Installation
• Concrete Framework Design and Installation
• Masonry Block
• Concrete Slab Placement and Finishing
• Surface and Underground Concrete Demolition
• Surface and Underground Concrete New Works
• Earthworks
• Structural Excavation and Backfill
• Tunnel form Construction
• Tilt-up Construction

Pryme Concrete Construction Inc