About Us

Pryme Concrete Construction Inc. was established in 2010 and was founded by brothers Bryce and Reg Field. The company is located out of Langenburg Saskatchewan, its primary focus is civil and concrete works. Pryme Concrete employs trades such as operators, carpenters and labourers. Over the past decade Pryme Concrete has established good relations with clients within Potash Mining industry and has completed many projects at Nutrien and Mosaic. Pryme Concrete takes pride in growing its business through the understanding of current construction techniques and systems and practice strong leadership to its staff while continuously improving operational performance relative to safety, quality and production on all projects.

About Us

In 2015 Bryce and Reg decided to expand and took on new partners Chris Little and Jeremy Robinson to establish Pryme Iron Inc. This company would initially focus on structural steel erection. Over the past few years the company has seen large strides and has grown, thus has taken on works such as storage bin installation, restorations and replacements. It has also created a new division that now will be focusing on mechanical and piping works as it has recently received its TSASK certifications. Pryme Iron has a workforce of highly skilled tradespersons that are readily available, there are no limits to the size of project Pryme Iron can take on.

Core Values

Safety – We ensure a safe, healthy work environment and a ‘Zero Injury’ culture.

Teamwork – We empower our team member to “own the problem”. We believe that the best results are achieved through collaboration of all workers.

Quality – Doing it right the first time and every time. Always striving to find better ways, we monitor and measure all parts of our production.

People – Pryme invests in its employees to ensure in the success of each individual and the company. Learning and developing the best leaders and realizing the full potential of our people is the core to our success. We hire people based on qualifications without prejudice.

Environment – We are committed to balancing the sustainability of the company, local communities and the environment that we operate in.